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burglary takes place in the United States about once every 23 seconds.

Also, this crime doesn’t just hit cities. More burglaries are reported in rural states than in states with large metropolitan areas.

Keeping your family and your possessions safe is an utmost priority for many of us. Choosing the right lock hardware is a critical part of your home and family safety. The best place to start is with the right locksmith.

Are you trying to decide which type of lock is right for your home? Read on to learn about the differences between a deadbolt and latch lock, and how to choose the right door lock for you.


A single-latch lock is connected to your doorknob. One kind consists of a spring-loaded piece of metal that retracts when moving past the door frame and springs out into the door frame hollow once the door is closed. A deadlatch is not spring-loaded, and provides extra security over a spring latch.

A latch is operated with a key on the outside and a turn-style knob on the inside. One great feature of a latch is that it can be set to automatically lock when the door closes. This extra safety feature is helpful in any home. 


Deadbolts are usually installed as a secondary lock above the doorknob. Since these locks are not attached to a knob, they can’t be accessed by breaking into a knob mechanism.

A deadbolt lock is not spring-loaded and therefore will not lock automatically. The deadbolt has a solid metal piece that must be manually turned by a key or turn knob. The metal piece moves into a hollow area on the door frame.

Two types of deadbolts that provide extra security are surface mounted deadbolts and high-security deadbolts. These two types of locks prevent burglars from accessing the lock mechanism through the door frame. A high-security deadbolt adds the feature of a unique pin configuration that is nearly impossible for a thief to replicate or pick.

Deadbolt vs. Latch – Which Lock is Best for Your Home?

The general answer to this question is: probably both.

There are a few main considerations when choosing the type of lock to use: who will need access? Is your home in a historical area? Are you prone to locking yourself out?

A latch is a simple lock that is easy for anyone with a key to use, even children. It is also easier and cheaper to install than a deadbolt. However, it is easier for a thief to break into.

A deadbolt will provide greater security than a latch, but this kind of lock isn’t generally installed on its own. One case where it might be used alone is in a home with an old fashioned doorknob that doesn’t allow for a latch mechanism. 

Get Expert Help Before You Decide

Choosing and installing the right lock for your situation isn’t easy. An expert locksmith can help you decide between a deadbolt or latch. Contact us today to have all your questions answered and put your mind at ease that you’re making the right choice.