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Your speed-dial is probably filled with family and friends that you talk to all the time.

So why would you put your locksmith on speed-dial?

Well, the truth is, you never know when having your locksmith’s number on hand will be a real lifesaver.

Here are seven reasons why you should keep your locksmith om speed-dial.

1. You Lost Your Keys

It happens to the best of us.

You know you just had your keys but now they’re mysteriously gone. You’ve searched high and low and they’re nowhere to be found.

According to a survey conducted about the most commonly lost items, car and house keys are the third most misplaced items after TV remotes and phones.

You’re going to want to call your locksmith and get replacements, have your locks rekeyed, or replace your locks.

2. You Locked Yourself Out

The second the door clicks shut behind you realize: you don’t have your keys on you.

Locking yourself out of your house doesn’t have to be a disaster so long as your locksmith is only one call away.

3. Your Key Broke in the Lock

If your key breaks in your lock, you need to get a locksmith out to deal with it right away.

Whether the key breaks when you’re on your way out of just getting home, having a key broken in your lock will prevent you from properly locking your doors. Don’t try to fix this yourself, as you can damage the lock. Call a professional.

4. You Locked Your Keys in Your Car

Locking keys in your car is never fun, but having a locksmith’s number on hand will ensure that the ordeal is over quickly.

5. You Need to Replace Locks After a Break-in

If the unthinkable has happened, you’re going to want to get your locks replaced ASAP. This is also a good time to talk to your locksmith about upgrading your home security system.

6. You Need to Install a Surveillance System

Not everyone realizes that locksmiths commonly install home surveillance systems in addition to dealing with locks and keys.

Maybe you’ve had a string of recent break-ins in your neighborhood or maybe you’d just like to stop worrying so much while you’re away from home. At least 20% of your American peers have security cameras on their homes. If the time has come to install video surveillance systems, give your locksmith a call.

7. You’re Moving to a New Home

If you’re moving to a new home it’s not a bad idea to get the locks replaced or at least rekeyed. Making sure your new place is as secure as possible will help you rest easy.

Finding the Right Locksmith For Your Needs

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