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Not sure if a locksmith can help you? There are all types of keys and locks that locksmiths can help with so you might be surprised.

Approximately 2 million homes are broken into every year.

It’s important to understand the different types of keys and locks so that you can secure your property. This article discusses five types of locks and keys, as well as their applications.

1. Exterior Door Locks and Keys

The most obvious entry point into a building is the door. You need to ensure that your exterior doors are secured with high-quality deadbolt locks. Deadbolt locks include latch bolts with heavy duty fitting and a dead-locking mechanism.

With these locks, you don’t have to worry about thieves opening your doors with the infamous credit card technique. The keys used to open these types of locks should be kept in a safe place that is only accessible to authorized persons.

2. Padlocks and Keys

Padlocks are among the most common locks out there. They’re detachable with hinged loops that you can use to secure large doors, bicycles, suitcases, cabinets, and tools such as ladders. These locks come in various build qualities, shapes, and sizes.

Padlocks can be non-keyable or re-keyable. The locking mechanism in non-keyable padlocks cannot be changed to suit a different key, but  it can be altered in re-keyable padlocks.

3. Window locks

Burglars often look for easy entry points to a home or office. Windows are the most vulnerable points of access into most homes. It’s advisable to lock all the windows in your house from inside to discourage thieves from invading your space.

Be sure to install visible and sturdy latch locks on your windows to keep intruders away.

4. Interior Door Keys and Locks

The sole purpose of an interior door lock is to provide privacy within a home. The lock’s design, however, isn’t burglar-proof. It’s recommendable to get high-quality locks that are designed to improve the security of interior doors and spaces from a reliable locksmith company.

5. Furniture Locks and Keys

These types of keys and locks are an excellent addition to storage furniture that requires extra security. They include cupboard locks, pedestal locks, drawer locks, fixed core locks, and core removable locks.

Cupboard locks can either be core removable – where the lock housing is separate to the keys and lock core – or fixed core, where a whole lock is a single unit with a key.

You can find drawer locks in drawer units of large office furniture and bedroom furniture such as vanity tables, jewelry boxes, and nightstands.

Pedestal locks are designed for mobile drawer units, otherwise referred to as pedestal units. They can be fixed core or core removable. You can use pedestal locks alongside locking bars to secure multiple levels of drawers.

The Best Types of Keys and Locks

Experienced locksmiths can help you secure your valuables at home and in the workplace. Be sure to get a reliable locksmith company that will choose, buy, and install the right locks and keys for you.

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