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What Kind Of Keys Can A Locksmith Make For Me?

Individuals often wonder what kind of keys a Locksmith can make. We unveil all of the different varieties of keys a Locksmith can produce for you.

How often do you go to leave your home, only to get to the car and realize that you’re missing your keys? There may also be a chance that there’s a particular lock with only one key, and that key is constantly misplaced. 

Whatever the case is, you may be curious about if your local locksmith can help. It is likely that they can make almost any key you need–keep reading to find out the possibilities! 

Replacement Keys

Whether you’ve lost your car keys, misplaced your house keys, or can’t find the keys to a safe–a locksmith can help by creating a new key. Although it is certainly easier to have a copy directly made from an existing key, it is not necessary to have the key in your possession. 

Skilled locksmiths can replicate the key needed for most locks, including transponders, Vehicle Anti-Theft Systems (VATS), and mailbox keys.

Locksmiths can also copy keys that say ‘do not duplicate.’ This is because there is no law regarding these keys; it is more like a suggestion, typically from the owner of the original key (like the landlord.)

Commercial Security

If you are a business owner and recently ‘cleaned house’ you might be missing a few of your master keys or could be looking to upgrade your security features.

A certified locksmith can replace the locks on your building or replace the master keys that have been lost or stolen. More importantly, if you prefer RFID or NFC key passes, magnetic keys, or enhanced security features, these can be taken care of. 

A Better Fitting Key

Every now and then, you may have a key that technically unlocks the door or safe in front of you, but requires some finesse. Attempting to work with an uncooperative key or one that was poorly made is frustrating and can pose a safety risk. 

Locksmiths can make a new key from the old lock, figure out what part of the old key is problematic, or can supply you with a whole new locking configuration.

Should your finicky key break off in the lock before a better one is made, locksmiths can remove the broken piece and supply you with a freshly cut key that will work far better. 

Opting for a Professional

For simple key replacements, it may be tempting to go to a big box store to have a new one cut. However, should the key break or not function properly, you are often out of luck. 

As far as automotive keys are concerned, attempting any DIY replication may sound like a money-saving idea, but the money saved is often traded for aggravation and a key that doesn’t function.

Although you may think that locksmiths only cut replacement keys and pick locks, there are many other benefits of choosing a professional. Most of these benefits come in the form of upgraded security features, more secure locks, and peace of mind knowing that your family, business, and belongings are safe.

Should you need any locksmithing services now or in the future, contact us for honest and reliable security solutions.