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You may think that locksmiths just open doors, but they actually do a lot more than that. Here is your ultimate guide to different locksmith services.

It’s incorrectly assumed that a locksmith is only a guy that can open any door he comes across. 

The truth is that locksmiths can do far more than just open doors. They offer a range of services several of which don’t involve doors at all.

It’s safe to say that out of all property services, locksmiths are one of the most called upon specialists. 

Keep reading to learn all about the different locksmith services.

Different Types of Locksmiths

Before learning about the locksmith services, it’s useful to know that locksmithing is a diverse industry with different levels of specialization. Depending on where you are and what you need, the type of locksmith you will need changes. You have:

  • Residential locksmiths
  • Commercial locksmiths
  • Automotive locksmiths
  • Institutional locksmiths
  • Forensic locksmiths 
  • 24-hour emergency locksmiths

While you will get some locksmiths that offer services across a range of specializations, it’s important to keep this in mind when you find yourself in need of a good locksmith.

The Wide Range of Locksmith Services 

Within each branch of locksmithing, there are services and sub-services that are offered. You’ll be surprised at the range of skills they’ve mastered. 

The more common services include:

  • Property access assistance
  • Lock changing services
  • Deadbolt and security lock installations
  • Creating corporate keys for filing cabinets, lock boxes, and office doors.

Alongside locks, key cutting services are a common part of the locksmithing process. 

  • Key duplication
  • Car key duplication
  • Lost key replacement
  • High-security key creation

As technology and security continue to become intertwined, more and more locksmith services are extending into the more technical areas of locks and security. These more advanced services include:

  • Keyless locks
  • Installation of CCTV services
  • Installation of home security systems
  • Panic hardware installation 

Along with the above comes the sub-levels of technology that can be associated with such systems. 

User access and clearance level configuration play a role, as in commercial locations or schools. You do not want a system that allows everybody to open every door. 

Gone are the days of a large ring of keys swinging on the custodian’s belt. Smart systems and technology have seen the skillset of locksmiths advance accordingly.

There Are Different Locksmith Services for All Occasions 

Locksmiths are one of those people that you can call for all manner of emergencies. It doesn’t matter which of the different locksmith services you need, they have the tools to help. Many even offer emergency burglary repairs, helping to install emergency doors, frames or locks so that your property is safe and secure. 

You always know when you need the services of a locksmith. There is rarely any cause for doubt. The trick is knowing what to look for in a quality locksmith and recognizing the signs of those that aren’t to be trusted. 

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