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Did you know that a locksmith does more than just unlock car and house doors. In this guide, we are going to talk about the different types of locksmith services. You never know, once you read this, you may realize you have more need of a locksmith than you thought!

Locksmithing is 4-millennia-old practice. That makes it one of the oldest jobs in the world!

Indeed, its roots go back to ancient Egyptian and Babylonian times. But it has evolved so much over the years that today, it has become a $2-billion industry in the U.S.

After all, these lock pros play crucial roles in everyone’s safety and security. From home and car owners to businesses, schools to churches (you get the gist) – everyone needs locksmith services.

But there’s a whole lot more that locksmiths can do than unlock stuff. Yes, they can get you past through doors you may have locked by accident. But their skillset is much more impressive than that.

So, check out these other things you never knew a pro locksmith in Concord can do for you.

Make Duplicates of Your Keys

25% of Americans end up looking for their misplaced house/car keys not only once, but twice a week. Some find it, some don’t.

Either way, these incidents often cause frustration and being late for school or work. Definitely not a good way to start the day.

Enter residential and commercial locksmith services. With their help, you can have duplicates of your keys made. This then gives you a back-up (or two) in case you can’t find your house/car keys.

Set You Up with New Doorknobs and Locks

Say you’ve had your front doorknob for so many years now. It’s time you get a replacement or an upgrade. Because that worn hardware makes it easy for burglars to get into your house or office.

Keep in mind that 2.5 million burglaries happen in the country every year. You don’t want to risk it, so it’s best you start looking for a local Sacramento locksmith.

Boost Security with the Latest Technology

Dependable locksmiths also offer surveillance system installation. CCTVs let you know who’s at the door or if there are any prowlers in your property. Those with high-resolution video recording capabilities even allow you to put a face on criminals.

With so many functions, CCTVs no doubt help increase safety and security. Having these in your home or office can make all the difference between preventing crime and becoming a victim yourself.

Keep Your Safes Safe

Safes, whether at the home or in the office, let you keep valuables safe, secure, and handy. But without proper maintenance, even lowly burglars can become Houdini-like in opening them.

This said, you’d want to schedule your safe for servicing every two or three years. Who’s better to call for this than your reliable local locksmith?

Experienced locksmiths can also help you change combinations. They can even convert an older safe or vault into a digital one. All these services can help you keep your safe, well safe.

Locksmith Services for Peace of Mind

As you can see, locksmith services offer more than convenience in case you lock yourself out. Their expertise allows you to sleep better at night, knowing that everything important to you is safe and secure.

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